Friday, November 1, 2013

Pajama Writing Versus Picture Perfect Prose or How Clothing Almost Derailed my Writing Career

Like you don't know what I'm talking about.

But in case you don't, I'm referring to the age old question: "Does it really matter how I look when I march upstairs to my office and work?"

If you're a writer, you've faced this dilemma at one time or another in your career, and the opinions on it are as varied as the shades of tan in a Pottery Barn catalog. On the one hand, I rarely regret turning myself out in a pleasing fashion, especially when the ChemLawn man, or the Latter Day Saints catch me lurking in the house and guilt me into answering the door.

On the other, creativity is fluid and transient, and as such must be harnessed regardless of our attire. It often strikes at a moment's notice, and if you take the time to make yourself more presentable, by the time you get around to committing them to paper, those beautiful words in your head may be nothing but a vague memory.

I have exercised both clothing extremes, along with attire just this side of decent, enough where I don't embarrass myself if I am forced to jog the trash can to the street to catch the garbage truck and meet a neighbor out walking. As far as productivity goes, I think it's a draw. The writing muse will hit you when it hits you no matter what you are wearing.

No doubt in pondering this question, I have wasted precious time which could've been spent writing. I contend that some answers aren't nearly as important as the questions. If I'm asking the question, I'm thinking about writing. In this business, thinking about writing can be translated into percolating words, and that is, folks,  almost as good as getting the words on the page.

Keep writing, my friends,


P.S. When reduced to the lowest common denominator, oral hygiene is my bottom line. Can't get any work done with sweaters on my teeth. Just Saying.

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