Thursday, October 31, 2013

Vacation Time is Over

Change is not always a bad thing, and I've experienced my share of changes this summer as, most notably, my family moved into a new house.  If any of you have gone through the trauma of relocating your family--even within the same city as we did--you understand what I mean when I say I never want to go through that kind of hell again, even though our new home is nearly perfect and, I would have to say, worth all the months of headache.

It's been a while since I hung out at Well Said. Well Read.  I've missed the daily exercise of sharing my thoughts about reading and writing, as it always serves as a motivator in other areas of my life, especially my writing. As promised in my New Year's post Out with the Old , I intend to be more faithful in the future, including a few additions to my posts.

Maybe it has something to do with being in a new place, or maybe it's just time, but I have the need to amp things up a bit with both my writing and the blog. It is time to get serious with both. In that spirit, I'd like to highlight a few things you will see differently over the next few months.

First,  I will be posting more often. Now, I know I've promised this before, but I mean it this time (or at least I do until something resembling life gets in the way).

Second, ( and I'm very excited about this) scattered among my regular posts about books and writing, a selection from my most recent Mainstream Fiction work-in-progress, Lowcountry Echo, will make a weekly appearance here on Well Said. Well Read, under the heading: I'm Working Hard, Really. Hopefully this small excerpt will give you a taste of the story and whet your appetite for more.

Third, I'm revamping an older manuscript, whose working title is Trading Innocence, which I intend to enter in the RWA Golden Heart Contest for 2014. I contemplated it last year but didn't complete the changes in time to meet the contest deadline. I will be posting some samples of this manuscript under the heading: Romance Revisited. As you might have guessed, this early work is a romance of the contemporary, paranormal variety, so it is very different from my other work. Spice of life and all that.

Bottom line, I think you will appreciate my renewed commitment and hope you'll like it enough to pass it along to your friends.

Until next time, don't stop writing, and don't ever stop reading.

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