Sunday, October 21, 2012

Something to Celebrate!

Our fellow novelist, John Carenen, made the leap into the actual world of Published Author last week. We couldn't be more proud or thrilled for him! We had the privilege of reading Signs of Struggle on Saturday afternoons a while back in our little Novel Group. The experience of seeing the early version of a novel might qualify us for something like godparents, since we critiqued and hashed out the finer points of the manuscript week after week--or maybe we're more like birthing coaches. One thing's for sure--we know how hard John worked on Signs of Struggle, what a truly fine novel it is, and the perseverence required to get it between covers. (I know, that's three things, but a godparent/birthing coach gets a gushing moment. Besides, numbers have never been my strong suit.)

John, in center, talking to Melissa and her husband, Eric (a innocent non-writer who good-naturedly puts up with us), while Sarah listens in at the launch party for Signs of Struggle.

When you go through the critique process--which can be painful at times, week after week, and admittedly, year after year--you might as well be friends. It doesn't have to end up like that, but it's a lot more fun if it does.

So John, your friends say: A BAZILLION KUDOS! WAAAAY TO GO!!

Melissa and I posted reviews on Amazon
where you can find a synopsis and there are excerpts on John's blog

We hope you'll enjoy this novel as much as we have!

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