Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bookaholic's Most Anticipated Summer Read

I've already established that Bookaholics like me read a lot of books. Let's be honest, some of those books can be downright bad.

I possess those bizarre personality quirks of tenacity and loyalty, which means if I start a book, I'm most likely going to finish it. And if I find an author I like, I will read their books regardless of how far they've devolved into the unrecognizable. I just can't stop myself. 

So, when I come across a noteworthy piece of fiction, I want to herald this find with full trumpet fanfare.

Enter Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches.* (Shelfari page here)

I flat-out love this book. It has everything going for it in my opinion--engaging plot, character depth and development, and superior writing.

So why am I just now writing about a book that was released in February of 2011? This brings me to another one of my reading quirks: If  a book is in a series, I always wait until at least 2 books are on the market. Two days ago (July 10, 2012) the second book in the All Souls Trilogy and sequel to Discovery was released.

 Shadow of Night (Shelfari page here) holds the promise of greatness glimpsed in Discovery. And while I can't tell you whether it delivers on this promise as I haven't read it yet (saving it for the beach trip at the end of next week, if I can wait that long), I anticipate the same level of enjoyment from this exciting new offering.

Happy reading,


*Those of you who read my blog post about grammar a couple of weeks ago regarding an issue my ccritique group was debating, might find it interesting to know I had to refer back to that article when writing the words  Deborah Harkness'. Stupid Grammar.

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