Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and Welcome!

Each new year brings with it a sense of renewed committment and a resurgence of hope. For writers, it is often all the motivation we need to dust off that old manuscript we couldn't quite perfect, or open up a new file and follow through with the ideas circling our brains. For me personally, the new year means my children are heading back to school which will finally give me time to write again.

As readers, the new year signals a bit of down time after the rush of holiday releases. It means working a little harder to find something to read, taking the time to explore new authors and different genres we wouldn't normally choose.

2012 marks a milestone for our group of aspiring authors with the creation of this new blog. Well said. Well read. is committed to bringing writers and readers together by sharing both sides of the coin. We hope you will check in with us over the coming months and watch how we bloom. 


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